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What is PLDaniels?
PLDaniels is an Australian owned business that is currently based in Charters Towers, North Queensland. PLDaniels has a primary business of software development for email content management systems. We officially formed in February 2000 and are a registered business both with the Queensland Fair Trading and ATO.

Why is PLDaniels selling R/C gear?
To bring you better prices. It's as simple as that. We use radio controlled equipment ourselves (it's our hobby and love) and was frequently dismayed at the great difference between the posted 'recommended retail' pricing versus the pricing available via the local (Aus) shops.

Why don't you carry many foam/ARF model aircraft?
Foam model aircraft are bulky, they take up a lot of storage room, prone to hangar damage and have high associated shipping costs (for both us and the client). In order to keep our prices down we're currently keeping models off the importing list except for small kits or special orders.

What are your operating hours?
Being an internet shop, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff are here to respond to emails typically between 9am and 10pm AEST (GMT+10). Occasionally we may also be able to respond outside of those hours.

How are orders processed?
If your order is able to be completely filled, the payment has been received and it is before 1pm AEST (GMT+10) on a weekday, your order will be shipped on the same day. All domestic (Australian) orders are shipped via Australia Post Parcel Post. International orders will be shipped by International Parcel Post

Are your credit card facilities secure?
PLDaniels uses the latest 3-party merchant card processing system which ensures the highest level of security. PLDaniels never obtains access to your card details, this means that in the worst-case scenario event of our server being attacked there will be no vital details to steal. Your card details are processed directly by the bank card servers.

What if my order cannot be filled?
Unfortunately, sometimes orders cannot be filled due to the nature of internet shopping (multiple people may order within a window of time too small to readjust the stock levels). If we cannot fill your order you will be personally emailed by our staff and given various options for what you would like to do (either, full refund, partial order deliver or wait until order can be filled).

I want to order something special, can you do it?
We can order items in specifically for you, though you may find the lead time a bit long, typically it takes a month from the ordering to everything getting through customs and various other stages. If you can handle the wait we most certainly can organise things specifically for you.

What is your return policy?
We have a 14 day money back return policy providing the goods are returned to us in the original packaging as purchased. If the goods are faulty please provide us with a comprehensive description of the fault you've incurred. We understand that it's not plesant encountering a faulty item so we will do our best to make the process as painless as possible. We strongly suggest sending us an email first before sending the item back. Postage, packaging and handling fees are not refundable.


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