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PLD-BAC-55C: PLD-BAC-55C, Compact edition

Now in full production, replaces the BAC-55

The BAC-55C is a compact revision of the BAC-55/004 1A class linear regulator for small gliders using 2S lipos with a 7.3V low voltage alarm. Specifically designed for the DLG community, coupled with a loud buzzer (which becomes even louder when installed due to resonant cavity effect). The PLD-BAC units have been powering DLGs for years now and are very popular amongst the community.


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PLD-BAC-MINI: 1A BEC with onboard LED alarm

Based on the design of the original PLD-BAC-LED, the BAC-MINI is a specialised version that has been reduced in size and weight for LED operation only.


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