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BAC for 2.4GHz and digitals (5.5V)
No longer being produced, replaced with the flatter BAC-55C

Designed for modern 2.4GHz gear to compensate for them being more voltage sensitive. Includes a much larger 330uF decoupling capacitor to improve ripple and spike rejection.
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A spec updated version of the PLD-BAC-004.


  • Very low weight - 5.75g
  • Very small - 19 x 12.5 x 10mm
  • 2S lipo input
  • 5.5V output
  • 330uF low-ESR decoupling capacitor (Panasonic FM series)
  • LED-blink voltage state indicator (full scale)
  • Over voltage alarm (Vin > 8.4V)
  • Under voltage alarm (Vin < 7.2V)
  • Buzzer alarm
  • 1A linear BEC for minimum RF interference
  • Extensive decoupling for even quieter RF levels
  • 350mA constant supply, 600mA for 1 minute, 1A for 10 seconds (thermally limited - better cooling gives longer duration)
  • Thermal and short circuit protection
  • High quality, low power, low (RF) noise micro controller
  • Large copper backplane to improve heat-sinking of linear regulator.
  • Supplied with RX and JST leads
  • Covered with heatshrink for protection against accidental shorts and sharps damage.

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