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PLD-LMA-02 Lost model alarm (louder)

Yes, this device is Spektrum compatible.

For 4 cell / 5V systems

Compact and light weight lost model alarm. Compatible with PPM, PCM and Spektrum receivers.

At only 7.5g weight even with 150mm of lead this is a light weight gadget that is a huge time saver.

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Usually you never realise you need these little gadgets until it is too late. The number of times people have lost models in long grass or in a large overgrown hedge and never been able to find it despite being within a metre or two of it is astounding.

This tiny lost-model-alarm plugs into a spare channel on the receiver and will start making its noise when you either deliberately switch the channel on or the signal from the transmitter is lost.

Compared to the LMA-01, the LMA-02 is slightly heavier, larger and louder. The extra size and weight come from needing to carry extra components to sustain the louder operation. Some people may find that the side-port output for the sound more convenient than the LMA-01s top-port.

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