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PLD R/C 2A Relay Switch
Designed for :
  • Ignition kill/keep-alive switches
  • Turbine fuel cutoff solenoids
  • Failsafe power kill
This compact and lightweight relay switch is extremely useful.
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  • Switching current: 2A
  • Switching speed: 0.05~0.10 seconds (safety feature aspect - see below)
  • Output connections: Common, N/O and N/C
  • Size: 40x14x14mm (with heatshrink on).
  • Weight: 13g
  • Servo lead length: 300mm
  • Input voltage : 4.0V to 7.2V


  • Requires at least 5 good frames before comitting a switch to a different state
  • If TX signal is lost, reverts to relay default setting (after ~0.5sec of constant loss)
  • Relay outputs isolated from R/C circuitry
  • Circuit is reverse-polarity protected

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