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Laminating film 38~42 micron (1.5mil) x 270-330mm (per metre)

Please note the width of this film can vary between 270mm and 330mm depending on currently available stocks.

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Using laminating film tutorial.

Laminating film, often sold under the brandname of doculam, is a tough, viable alternative to normal plastic iron on covering films. Laminating film requires no special surface preparation and has its own heat-activated adhesive.

When supplied, the film as a slightly opaque appearance. The film will go transparent when heated.

There are two distinct sides to the film, a shiney and smooth topside and a matt, slightly rough bottomside. The bottomside is the side that has the heat activated adhesive.

If using a normal household iron, select the cotton temperature.

Weight: 46g/m.sq (0.15oz/ft.sq) approx

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